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Meet The Team

About Us

Rothschild's is your classic Italian Restaurant offering homemade pasta, locally sourced produce, international award-winning wines and a staff and ambiance that welcomes you in like family.

ROTHSCHILD'S has been the cornerstone of Corona Del Mar for over 46 years. It has been family owned since early conception and has become a place where our customers and staff have come to call home.


Frank Fassero


Executive Chef from New York, Frank is back in California to join the family business.  As Rothschild's newest owner, he is here to bring you new and exciting twists on classic Italian Cuisine.


Debbie Howard


Debbie has been with Rothschild's for over 35 years. She will welcome you in like family and make your experience everything you would expect from the Rothschild's and more.


Lisa Shaver


Lisa Shaver, started with us 25 years ago.  She had a natural gift for hospitality and a twinkle in her blue eyes that suggested “let’s have fun.” Although she came to us with a teaching credential in her back pocket, she chose a career at Rothschild’s, and we are lucky to have her.

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